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Health and Safety System

  • Monitoring industry updates related to legislation, best practices and innovative methods to ensure we stay at the leading edge of safety within our industry
  • Creating a proactive atmosphere and approach where management takes a leading role in the continuous development of our safety system
  • Establishing clear policies, directly in-line with our ongoing objectives and goals
  • Developing standardized work procedures for all equipment
  • Thoroughly prescriptive Health and Safety Manual working copy which includes;
    • Training requirements - orientations, tool box talks, certifications
    • Administration - responsibilities of all parties, disciplinary action, code of conduct policies, yard policies
    • Emergency preparedness - emergency planning
    • JSA - hazard assessment for higher risk tasks
    • Inspections and audits - forms for completing a wide range of inspections (i.e. site, equipment, PPE)
    • PPE - proper selection and usage, specialized training
    • Safe Work Practices - to ensure our day-to-day operations are successful
    • Safe Job procedures - to ensure worker safety while performing specific tasks
    • Environmental procedure - processes in place for recycling of materials and reduce the impact of spills
    • Occupational Health - proper procedures and documentation in case of injury
    • Accident Investigation – thorough incident investigation to review and understand the nature of the incident and to proactively learn from our past to be successful in our future by implementing corrective actions to minimize future risks
    • Return to Work Program - with the goal of returning an injured employee to pre-injury status

View our Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

View our Violence and Harassment Policy (PDF)

View our Environmental Policy (PDF)

View our Code of Conduct (PDF)

  • Motivating supervisors and employees to demonstrate safety excellence by involving them in a safety-first culture
  • Ensuring supervisors and employees understand their roles and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, Trade-Mark Industrial’s Policies and Procedures and those of our clients
  • Communication of our policies, procedures, safe work policies and best practices through both formal and informal methods
  • Behavioural based supervisors’ safety observations and communication with their workers, enabling constructive discussions with employees about safe and unsafe work practices
  • Formal scheduled training courses offered both internally and by third parties to meet legislative requirements
  • Constant communication between Health and Safety and upper management with weekly safety report outs, quarterly manager safety meetings and annual employee safety meetings
  • Training programs offered:
    • Basics of Supervision
    • Dupont Stop Training
    • Confined Space Awareness / Attendant
    • SCBA Training
    • First Aid / CPR- Red Cross certified
    • Fall Arrest
    • Standard Forklift & High Capacity Forklift
    • Elevated Work Platform
    • Overhead Crane
    • Propane Training
    • Lockout and Test
    • WHMIS
    • Hoisting and Rigging
    • Other job specific safety training as required
  • Ensuring all activities are performed in a safe manner by detailed pre-planning using the best industry practices and procedures
  • Documented JSA’s are utilized in instances where the complexity of the work being performed or the inherent risks of the location dictate such pre-planning is required
  • Conducting work activities in a responsible and safe manner
  • Maintaining a proactive approach to identifying Health & Safety hazards with all managers and workers taking ownership to correct deficiencies in the workplace
  • Identification and communication of all potential workplace hazards through scheduled site inspections from all levels of management
  • Ensuring all employees receive the proper Health & Safety training to be successful in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment
  • Internal and external Health and Safety Management Systems annual audits
  • Continuous reviewing, monitoring, auditing, and improving of our Health & Safety policies and procedures
  • Proactively reviewing deficiencies found during our annual audits of current processes and procedures to systematically correct items within a timely manner
  • Implementing corrective action plans to reach and exceed our company safety targets 
  • Thorough post-accident investigating to ensure our policies and procedures are an accurate reflection of our actions and improving processes through specific counter measures
  • Individual employee recognition program in place based on positive observational  behavior assessments